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School news | Posted 05.04.2019

Celebrating Sporting Successes

During Mark Reading we celebrated the many sporting successes of our girls this term.

Senior Colours

Senior Netball Colours

Maddie Groves (UVI)

Anna Barker(LVI)

Lauren Baker (LVI)

Senior Hockey Colours

Daisy Pennycook (UVI)

Romilly Taylor-Littler (UVI)

Millie Spearman (UVI)

Ariana Willoughby (UVI)

Anna Layfield (UVI)

Senior Swimming Colours

Emily Unsworth (UVI)

Grace Laver (UVI)

Senior Badminton Colours

Scarlett Wong (UVI)
Cherie Wong (UVI)

Senior Squash and Lacrosse:

Flora Dalrymple (UVI)

Senior Lacrosse and Swimming:

Georgia Hartley (UVI)

Senior Hockey and Netball:

Mimi Browne (UVI)

Senior Netball and Lacrosse:

Ettiene Whitworth (UVI)

Izzy Ward (UVI)

Middle School Colours


Lena Rathke (Year IV)

Lucy Frazer (Year IV)

Grace Wright (Year IV)


Delphine Parkin (Year IV)

Olympia Storey (Year IV)

Alice Cowie (Year IV)

Jasmine Tate (Year IV)

Megan Bainbridge (Year III)
Imogen Cochran (Year III)

Isabella Spenceley (Year IV)
Ellie Usher (Year II)

Hockey and Netball:
Alice Cowie (Year IV)
Jasmine Tate (Year IV)

Hockey and Lacrosse:

Daphne Forbes (Year IV)

Hockey, Lacrosse and Netball:
Emily Hope (Year IV)
Caragh Twomey (Year IV)
Constance Farr (Year IV)

End of Season Awards

Junior Lacrosse Player of Year:
Pippa  North (Year II) and Florence Spenceley (Year II)

Nominations: Pippa North (Year II), Millie Todd (Year II), Kitty Denny (Year II), Florence Spenceley (Year II), Mary Yorke (Year II), Elsa Scott (Year I), Martha Jones (Year I)

Middle Hockey Player of Year:
Lena Rathke (Year IV) and Constance Farr (Year IV)                                                                                                    

Nominations:  Caragh Towmey (Year IV), Grace Wright (Year IV), Emily Hope (Year IV), Lucy Frazer (Year IV), Alice Parkes (Year III), Imogen Cochran (Year III)

Middle School Netballer of Year:
Alice Cowie (Year IV)

Nominations: Alice Cowie (Year IV), Emily Hope (Year IV), Delphine Parkin (Year IV), Olympia Storey (Year IV), Florence Hamilton (Year III), Imogen Cochran (Year III)

Marshall Swimming Trophy:
Olivia Mence (Year III)

Lifesaving Trophy:
Mimi Milligan-Manby (LVI)