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Academic | Posted 03.05.2017

Roman Activity Day

Last Friday Year I girls had a taste of life in the Roman Army, when they received a visit from the soldiers of the Sixth Legion.

Evelyn Cox, Charlotte Grandage and Alice Hustler (Year I) share their thoughts on the unique experience…

“My favourite thing was trying the helmets on and grinding the flour with the millstones, even though it was very hard work. I also learnt how to hold a shield and a sword, and the different types of armour. We especially enjoyed the charge and making the testudo formation”.

“I found looking at all the artefacts really interesting”.

“I learnt a lot from this great day, like how far they marched every day, and that they got every third day off.  I am glad that we did not have to march eighteen miles. If I had a choice I would not be a soldier as it seems very hard work”.  

The Classics Department would like to thank the men of Legio VI (Eboracum) for providing this great experience for the girls.