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Antony Dunn 2
Academic | Posted 01.12.2016

Reading by Antony Dunn

We live a busy life at QM and we attend many different events in the course of the School term, but just now and then, we do something which turns out to be very special and inspirational indeed.

I had that experience this afternoon. I am not studying English Language or English Literature at A Level, but I went to a poetry reading in Cellars. It was not any old poet, but Antony Dunn.  He has been to QM in the past and I’ve heard all about him from the English Department, but I have never taken up the offer of hearing him, until today.

It turned out to be a magical hour and in the foggy gloom of a November afternoon, I found myself transported into a wonderful world of words.  Antony Dunn is a poet with an amazing following – Carole Ann Duffy even commissions from him  –  and he read us works from a newly published collection.  He has an engaging personality so hearing him share his favourite verses so beautifully was a real treat. I even bought a signed copy of his new book as a Christmas present.

Thank you to Mr Payton and Miss Millhouse for providing the opportunity.