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LVI Cranedale Residential 1
School news | Posted 05.07.2016

Weather doesn’t dampen the spirits of the LVI Biologists

Members of LVI set out to the Cranedale Field Trip Centre in the company of Dr Mariner and Mr Hazlewood for a weekend of Biology. The unpleasant weather didn’t dishearten us on arrival when we were introduced to John, our group leader. After being shown around, freshening up and putting on our fashionable, and later very necessary, wellies we drove to the Brempton Cliffs RSPB Reserve. There we observed hundreds of birds and learnt about the sustainable lobster industry in Bridlington. Our packed lunches only confirmed what we had heard, or in some cases already experienced, about the excellent food at the centre. We drove further to Filey Brigg, a rocky shore. Here we investigated the abundance and types of different organisms close to the water, learning about certain abiotic factors and about using quadrats for sampling. Our results were compared with data from a different shore and we tried to explain differences with knowledge we already had about their exposure to wind and water. We also encountered statistical analysis for the first time. Back in the centre, we ate an incredible amount of great food. Later on we prepared humane traps for small mammals and hid them in the nearby woods, along with a trap for moths and a camera capturing any movement.

LVI Cranedale Residential 2

On collecting them the next morning, there was one little mouse who seemed quite accustomed to being looked at and was just enjoying the free food and warmth. Due to the heavy rain, we only caught one rather unexciting moth. Unfortunately we didn’t get any footage of any mammals, well except for the two of us setting up the trap and getting stung by nettles. We then planned freshwater investigations in groups and sampled different animals in a stream. It was more time consuming than we had thought and some of us had wellies full of water by the end. But even statistics can be okay in lovely sunshine!

We returned to QM slightly tired but grateful for a great weekend, thanks must also go to Dr Mariner and Mr Hazelwood for taking us!

By Nora Spieles LVI