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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

The academic curriculum is supplemented with a series of non-examined courses of study which are designed to make girls think objectively, widen their general knowledge and become confident, balanced and informed members of the community. UK institutions (Church, State and Government) are discussed and our place within a global society is highlighted. The spiral curriculum followed by the programme aims to present information to the girls at a level appropriate to their age, encouraging self expression and the ability to make responsible and positive decisions about issues affecting them.

The .b course in Mindfulness, which has run for the past two years and which is followed by girls in Years I, IV and LVI, continues to be popular.

The following additional courses are also included:

Year I: Body and Mind I, Digital Literacy, Learning to Learn I, Life Skills: Personal Impact, What is Cancer?

Year II: Body and Mind II, Digital Literacy, Learning to Learn II, Life Skills: Personal Impact, Talking Jobs, What is Cancer?, the Wider World.

Year III have six ‘drop down’ days over the course of the academic year which will include a ‘Real Challenge’ day and a Careers and Leadership day, as well as Digital Literacy, Growth Mindset, Study Skills, the Wider World and Emotional Health.

Year IV: Alcohol Awareness, Celebrating Difference, Digital Literacy, Money Skills.

Year V: Digital Literacy, Human Rights, the UK and its Politics.

Lower VI: Digital Literacy, ‘Disrespect Nobody’, Human Rights, Money Skills, Organ Donation.

Upper VI: Digital Literacy, ‘Disrespect Nobody’, Money Skills, Taking Action on Body Image and a series of talks by visiting speakers.