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Aims & Philosophy of the Art Textiles Department

The Art Department at Queen Margaret’s encourages the development of skills, experience in the use of a wide range of media and the recognition that risk taking is a valued element in the creation of art. The study of art and design is seen as offering pupils the opportunity to express their emotional and developing cultural awareness in a visual form. We encourage the examination of works of art through practical work and by visits to galleries. Our ideal aim for a girl is that by the time she has passed through the art department from year I to year UVI she will be well versed in the use of media, be a capable draughtswoman, confident in developing her ideas independently through sketchbook use and someone who is prepared to take on challenging concepts. She will also be familiar with camera and photography skills and have sound ability in the use of computers for the manipulation of images.

Overview of Key Stage 5 Curriculum

At AS level, the aim of the course is to develop creativity, experimentation with fabrics, construction and decorative techniques as well as fundamental drawing and photography skills. We cater for girls coming into the school with no prior knowledge of the Textiles department as well as those coming from Textiles Technology or Art. There are two units entered for examination, Coursework Portfolio and the Controlled Assignment which is a timed, pre-prepared practical exam.

At A2 level,  the girls will choose a topic of their own to develop to a greater degree than at AS level, honing their skills and producing a high level of finish to the practical outcomes. This will be supported by a written essay which relates to this coursework and shows a critical understanding of an Art and Design process. The aim is to create independent learners who think creatively and have developed skills that will support any future Higher Education course. We also help with any applications students would wish to make for Art Foundation or any of the design schools. Visits are made to major related exhibitions and the girls are encouraged to take part in any activities within the local environment that will support their learning.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

The girls work within an environment that is tailored as much as possible to suit their personal development in Art and Design.  Our studios are open until 22:00 each night for girls in the examination groups to take advantage of the excellent facilities.

The staff aim to keep up to date with new ways of working and new technologies and there is an excellent library resource and computer suite to enhance each individual’s learning. Encouragement and support is offered at all times to those require it. Working independently on practical projects helps the students express their individuality.

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