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Aims & Philosophy of the Psychology Department

Psychology has everyday relevance and will stimulate, excite and satisfy the girls’ curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. Have you ever wondered why people act in the way they do? Psychology has the answers you are looking for. Girls will gain an understanding of how major social and scientific ideas have contributed to technological, cultural and social change impacting on industry, education, medicine and the quality of life.

The subject gives the girls a sense of responsibility so that they can become self-motivated learners who can appreciate personal, cultural and spiritual values in society.

Overview of Key Stage 5 Curriculum

The course encourages the girls to study psychological theories, research, terminology, concepts, studies and methods. It also gives the girls the necessary skills to design and report psychological investigations, and analyse and interpret the data. Psychology above all else, will develop the self-confidence of the girls enabling them to take an active part in the lessons.

In the LVI year of study, the girls will have the opportunity to learn about human memory, childhood attachment, psychopathology (abnormality) as well as research methods, biological psychology and approaches in Psychology. In UVI the girls will learn about human relationships, stress behaviour, aggression and addiction as well as issues and general debates in Psychology.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

A wide variety of teaching methods are used within Psychology to ensure that the content is covered in ways that can be understood, is interesting and which develops the necessary skills. The girls will have the opportunity to design, conduct and analyse their data. In carrying out practical research activities, the girls will manage associated risks by understanding the ethical implications involved. The girls will also have the opportunity to be part of a conference led by their examiners in London which will further develop their knowledge and understanding of the course content.

There are also enrichment opportunities offered outside the curriculum time to further develop learning.