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Aims & Philosophy of the Film Studies Department

The department is dedicated to studying film as an art form in its own right and to studying the film industry as a business. Further, it applies lessons learned academically via rigorous written analysis and lessons learned practically via original creative projects. Furthermore, it aims to create a high level of film literacy in its students and to create independent thinkers engaged in original research. Overall the department establishes an academic and a creative environment in which its students can begin to make original work.

Overview of Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Film was undoubtedly the major innovative art form of the twentieth century and its contribution to popular culture continues undimmed via both conventional and new media streams. This course reads and analyses film-making techniques with academic rigour and offers creative and practical opportunities to create film via digital media, photographic storyboards and academic tutorials at both AS and A2 levels.

British and American Film is studied at AS, broadening to World Cinema at A2. Texts used in the first two years include: Get Carter, The Italian Job, The Big Sleep, The Big Lebowski, The Searchers, Psycho, Eden Lake, Kes, Breathless, Chungking Express, Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, Life is Beautiful and The Battle of Algiers. Students are guided into considering film not only as an art form but as a multi-million pound/dollar industry and business and are encouraged to think for themselves and act as independent learners at every stage of the course.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

It is small with attractive student teacher ratios enabling personal supervision and tutorials at every stage of the course. It is taught in the Chapman Theatre complex giving access to first rate projection and other technical facilities. It is developing fruitful relationships with other departments, notably Art (Photography).

It has easy access to a variety of independent and multiplex cinemas in York making field work accessible, interesting and very rewarding.

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