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Aims & Philosophy of the Food Preparation and Nutrition Department

The aim of the Food Preparation and Nutrition department is not only to give all girls the opportunities to achieve academic excellence but also to promote quality learning through the study of food and to inspire an interest in the study of  nutrition and creativity. We aim for each girl to be able to live more healthily and to enjoy the pleasure of cooking for themselves and others, developing a passion for this subject area.

Overview of Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In the GCSE years, Food & Nutrition is a popular option choice. This two year course combines both practical and theoretical knowledge. While practical skills have been developed in early years, at GCSE level these are linked to the theoretical study of food, nutrition, and meal planning for special diets. This course allows the girls to develop critical thinking and manage a range of resources to develop food products while learning about the influence of current trends, the market economy and technological change.

Additionally, girls are required to complete original research which challenges them to work independently while using a range of research techniques. The result is the development of vital life skills.

Girls choosing this option have the opportunity to go on many educational trips, including the BBC Good Food show where girls are able to watch live demonstrations from well-known chefs such as James Martin.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

We are very proud of the opportunities for the girls which go beyond classroom teaching. Each year we hold the inter-House “Master Chef” competition which sees 48 girls drawn from every year in the School competing for the title, along with many other excellent events such as the Year I Tea Party, after school cooking clubs, GCSE trips to Patisseries and many more extra-curricular opportunities.

We provide an inspirational environment that not only encourages creativity, innovation, risk taking and independence but also actively celebrates success.

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