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Aims & Philosophy of the Biology Department

Biology is a subject that everyone can relate to. The Biology Department at Queen Margaret’s aims to build upon this while helping girls develop an interest in and understanding of the natural systems in the world around us. We also aim to encourage enquiring minds through development of practical and investigative skills related to Biology.

Overview of Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At Key Stage 4, Biology is taught as two different specifications, depending on the girls’ ability. Girls following the Certificate in Biology course (iGCSE) will study a variety of topics in detail. These include: Energy in Ecosystems; Cells, Cell Biochemistry & Enzymes; Breathing, Respiration, Circulation; Nervous Coordination and homeostasis; Defence Against Disease; Photosynthesis, Environmental Change & Distribution of Organisms; and Genetic Manipulation, Classification & Evolution.

Girls following the Additional Science course will study Chemistry and Physics alongside their Biology coursework and will be awarded 2 GCSEs. Topics in this course include: Energy in Ecosystems; Coordination & Control; Keeping Healthy, Medicine & Drugs; Variation, Reproduction & New Technology Evolution; Cells, Tissues & Organs; Photosynthesis; Enzymes, Respiration; Inheritance; and Old & New Species – Fossil Evidence.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

We make full use of our extensive grounds and laboratories to foster an interest and understanding of the natural world around us, and to support the teaching of Biology.  We encourage independent thought and an investigative approach.

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