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Aims & Philosophy of the Physics Department

The Physics Department at Queen Margaret’s aims to make Physics an accessible and interesting subject for all girls and to ensure each is able to make positive progress. This is done by providing challenging and interesting courses that encourage both girls and staff to think imaginatively about Physics. Girls are empowered to be actively involved in all stages in their learning, and are provided with support and encouragement to help them develop the tools for learning through Physics. We work diligently to support the girls’ development of initiative and independence in their work while also encouraging cooperation and teamwork. Lastly, we provide opportunities for girls to develop the skills necessary to apply their knowledge and understanding of Physics to life outside the classroom.

Overview of Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, Physics is taught as a combined Science course in Year I, covering Forces, Electricity, Magnetism and the Solar System. Practical investigations and problem-solving underpin the teaching and girls are encouraged to appreciate the fundamental nature of Physics.

Year II sees the girls studying Physics as an individual course. In the Michaelmas Term, two topics are covered: Waves and Light and Colour. In the Lent Term, girls will learn more about Forces and Energy before completing the academic year learning about Space.

In Year III, girls begin the term studying about Heat transfer and further work on Forces. In the Lent Term they will cover two further topics: Electricity and Moments and Pressure. The Easter Term will be focused on learning more about Space.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

The Physics department at QM encourages independence of thought and challenges each girl to understand the fundamentals of the world around her.

Teaching is regularly accompanied with trips and visits to Universities for lectures appropriate to Year groups, as well as visits to see Physics in action at power stations and other industrial sites.

A dynamic and enthusiastic team of teachers introduce the courses through stimulating lessons and the Head of Department is an experienced examiner with AQA.

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