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Aims & Philosophy of the Maths Department

We aim to make Mathematics an enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile experience for all pupils. We aim to foster pupils’ perseverance and resourcefulness in solving problems, and to develop their ability to think logically yet creatively, leading to an affinity with the subject and excellent examination results.

Overview of Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our Year I and 8 courses are firmly based on the National Curriculum, and provide a solid foundation for the IGCSE years. We look at key concepts in number, algebra, shape and data. We aim to make connections between different branches of mathematics, and to foster a creative and questioning approach, with a strong emphasis on developing problem-solving skills. We use games and puzzles to enliven and gain insight into mathematical ideas, and regularly hold workshops with external presenters.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

The QM maths department has developed its own teaching materials over many years, and has set up its own website full of resources to help girls plan their independent study, and to look at features of the subject beyond the school syllabus. We offer plentiful support to our students, but also encourage them to think for themselves and be as independent as possible. According to national statistics produced by CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University), we score very highly on value-added measures in external examinations.

Outside of the classroom, we invite external speakers to give talks and presentations, run our own version of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire gameshow, organise visits to the Maths Inspiration series of lectures and Bletchley Park, and take part in various individual and team mathematics competitions.

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