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Aims & Philosophy of the Biology Department

Biology is a subject that everyone can relate to. The Biology Department at Queen Margaret’s aims to build upon this while helping girls develop an interest in and understanding of the natural systems in the world around us. We also aim to encourage enquiring minds through development of practical and investigative skills related to Biology.

Overview of Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, Biology is taught as a combined Science course in Year I and is taught by a single teacher in three one-hour lessons per week. This combined approach utilises our own in-house developed course that prepares girls with the necessary knowledge base and skills for continuing their learning.


Year II sees the girls studying Biology as an individual course. In the Michaelmas Term, two topics are covered: Staying Alive (blood, breathing, respiration) and Active Body (muscles, joints, movement). In the Lent Term, girls will learn about The Five Senses and Classification (the 5 kingdoms) before studying Microbes (disease and biotechnology) in the Easter Term.


In Year III, girls begin the term studying about Plants at Work (plant structure & photosynthesis) and Diet & Digestion. In the Lent Term they will cover Variation, Chromosomes, Genes and DNA. The Easter Term will be about Adaptation and Competitions, which will carry forward to form part of the GCSE course.

What makes the department unique from those at other schools?

We make full use of our extensive grounds and laboratories to foster an interest and understanding of the natural world around us, and to support the teaching of Biology.  We encourage independent thought and an investigative approach.

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