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Academic Departments

We offer a wide range of GCSE and A Level subjects, enabling you to make the very best choice, personalising your timetable to take into account your ability and aptitude for each subject, interests, the content of each course and other commitments. Our outstanding, dedicated and supportive academic staff will take you beyond the curriculum, encouraging you to challenge and question your learnings whilst empowering you to become a confident freethinker and decision maker.

Art and Design 

Unleash your creativity, develop your imaginative thinking, improve your observation skills and understanding of visual interpretation and media. Studying a wide range of artists and designers, Art and Design and Art Textiles provides you with an opportunity to enjoy your love of art, design or textiles tailored around your own unique interests and ability. More >>>


Ever wondered why Apple command a premium price for their products or why ASOS only sell their clothes online? Business equips you with transferable skills, introducing the role of business in the changing economic landscape, creating commercial awareness and empowering decision making, helping you prepare for future study and working life. More >>>


Are you interested in the world around you? Do you want to learn about economic concepts and theories and think you can apply critical thinking and consideration to today’s world problems and issues that affect our everyday lives? Economics will give you knowledge about how societies solve economic problems along with a set of analytical skills which can be built on and used throughout the rest of your life. More >>>

Classical Civilisation, Latin & Greek

In Classics, we look at every aspect of human life, ranging from birth to death, love to war, tiny epigrams to vast and heroic epics. Classics encompasses a real wealth of human endeavour and experience. The books and works of art we explore are among the greatest ever produced. In the words of Thucydides the Athenian historian, they truly are ‘a possession for all time’. More >>>


Computing involves core subjects such as the theory of computation, basic programming and the principles of computer hardware. Students study the representation of data, including how how different types of data are stored and the use of binary; Maths for Computing including number bases, Boolean logic and graph theory; Algorithms and Programming including sorting, searching, Scratch, BASIC and Python; Networking, including transmission and error-correction; Information Systems, including spreadsheets, databases and the use of HTML and CSS to create web-pages and E-Safety. More >>>


In the words of Jane Austen, novels, poems and plays can be works ‘in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humour, are conveyed to the world in the best-chosen language.’ More >>>

Food Technology / Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food Technology (KS3) and Food Preparation and Nutrition (KS4) is vibrant, exciting and challenging. You will learn how to make high skilled, well presented dishes developing into confident and knowledgeable practitioners of all things food. More >>>


A dynamic subject that straddles the Arts and Sciences, Geography allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of the many contemporary issues that face the world in which we live and equips you with a core set of transferable skills. More >>>

Government & Politics

If you are interested in current affairs, have an inquisitive mind and are keen to understand today’s political institutions, systems and controversies, then the Government & Politics A Level is for you. Looking at political ideas and events you will develop your analytical skills and evaluation techniques whilst gaining a sophisticated understanding of the ideological traditions underpinning the different parties that make up the electoral landscape. More >>>


You will become an avid Historian, equipped with an enviable skill set which can easily be adapted to life after QM. Able to interpret, analyse and evaluate complex and conflicting information you will be able to think critically, form sound opinions and argue your case from evidence. More >>>

History of Art

How and why do we humans create beautiful things? Gain a vivid understanding of the processes by which culturally significant artefacts came into being and how they have been subsequently interpreted. Examine artifacts not only from the Western European tradition, but from across the globe, as we chart a chronological path through a series of masterpieces, tackling some of the biggest questions surrounding the human condition, understanding what these objects can tell us about other cultures and times, as well as our own. More >>>


Build confidence in your ability to understand and express yourself fluently when conversing or writing about a wide range of topics in French or Spanish. Open the doors to an exciting cultural world of new literature, cinema and art and enjoy these wonderful languages. More >>>


Fostering perseverance and resourcefulness, girls are encouraged to solve problems through exploration and analysis, developing their ability to think logically and creativity. More >>>

Performing Arts

“Art doesn’t give rise to anything in us that isn’t already there. It simply stirs our curious consciousness and sparks a fire that illuminates who we have always wanted to be.” Kamand Kojouri. Develop team working skills and resilience, grow your confidence, creativity, analytical understanding and global communication through Performing Arts at QM. Create a lasting and positive impact on your future studies whilst developing a solid skill set – skills for the Arts, skills for academia, skills for your career and skills for life. More >>>


QM’s Drama Department is a living, breathing organism a flurry with actors, directors, dancers, technicians, stage managers, artists and academics. As our strong tradition of outstanding Drama grows, so does our ambition. Those who wish to pursue a career in the arts, as well as those who thrive on the academic rigour of analysing and exploring texts are encouraged to study with us. More >>>


Music enthusiasts are warmly invited to study with us. Offering a broad genre including classical, popular and film music, you will learn about the three disciplines of composing, listening and performing and will be trained to be able to use Music technology as a compositional tool. More >>>


Gain an understanding of the way people think and why they behave in certain ways. A popular and fascinating branch of science, Psychology studies human behaviour from a range of different approaches. Learn a variety of skills including analytical thinking, improved communication and problem solving. More >>>

Religious Studies & Philosophy and Ethics

Offering a range of faith specific options and a variety of relevant and contemporary themes, Religious Studies brings you a diverse choice of intriguing subjects to explore and discuss. Studies lead on to Philosophy and Ethics which poses some of the biggest questions of our existence giving you the chance to investigate today’s most crucial moral, philosophical and religious ideas and problems. More >>>


The Science Department at QM has an excellent record of academic success. A well-resourced department with seven laboratories, staffed by highly qualified teachers and offering small A Level groups. With a strong emphasis on practical work we find this encourages a good uptake to A level Sciences within the School. More >>>

Sport and Physical Education

Learn about a wide range of areas related to sport and develop and apply your knowledge, skills and understanding of Physical Education. You will study the factors that affect performance and participation in sport and study contemporary topics relevant to today’s society. More >>>


We actively encourage our girls to think objectively, widen their general knowledge and become confident, balanced and informed members of the community. A wide range of age appropriate topics are delivered through six Drop Down Days over the course of the academic year. More >>>