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I arrived at QM at 11 years old with excitement in my gut, wonder in my eyes and high-wedged trainers on my feet trying to find my place not only within a new school, but also within a new country!  After adjusting to the weather, I was eager to taste-test everything QM had to offer. I’ve attempted to learn Piano, aspired to pursue fashion design, have been a part of the Lacrosse and Swimming teams and have performed in various QM’s Drama productions including West Side Story. Over the years my hobbies, like my personality, have morphed into who I am today.

I am a proud activist for Women’s Rights, LGBT+ Rights and Climate Change. I love an intellectual debate with people from all walks of life, as I believe that we’ll only truly understand each other by listening to one another. And I’m a pretty good listener.

Whilst I’m studying Philosophy, English Literature and Spanish A Levels, I’m hoping to pursue either languages or film courses at universities in Hong Kong or Spain, because the last time I spent six years studying abroad, I had a pretty great time to say the least.

I’m incredibly honored to serve as Deputy Head Girl this year and I can’t wait to get to work with the whole Prefect team and make an impact.

Maria Al Saadi, Deputy Head Girl