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The aim of the process is to identify potential.

As one of the top all girls’ schools near York, we are looking for girls with a genuine interest in education in the broadest sense and with interests that stretch beyond the confines of the academic curriculum.

QM has strong traditions in art, dance, drama, music and sport and we offer many enrichment activities, all of which are important in developing a well-balanced and confident individual.

No specific preparation for the entrance assessments is needed; all candidates start on an equal footing, with identical opportunities to display their potential.

The General Assessment Day for entry at 11+, 12+ and 13+ takes place in the January preceding the September of entry to QM. On that day, candidates will complete the following:

  • English paper
  • Mathematics paper
  • Ann Arbor Dyslexia Screening Test
  • Individual interview

Sixth Form places are highly sought after and entry is looked at on an individual basis. We expect girls to show potential and promise and be  passionate about their chosen A Level subjects.

Candidates must pass GCSE/IGCSE English and Mathematics at Grade C or better, or hold a similar qualification. Candidates are also required to attend the school, wherever possible, for Academic and Pastoral Interviews.

These interviews and visits usually take place in the November preceding the September of entry to QM.

Begin your Admissions journey with a visit to QM.