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I started at Queen Margaret’s in Year III as a day girl and from the beginning I was encouraged to aim high and have a go. I’m not ‘the best’ at anything, there is masses of talent amongst my friends and peers, however the security of being part of such a nurturing community, where individuality is respected, has given me the confidence to take risks and try my hand at new activities. This enabling environment is what makes QM so special.

For me, opportunities outside the classroom have been an amazing addition to my School journey, and it is thanks to the support and guidance from inspiring teachers, thoughtful house staff, the brilliant weekly one-to-one tutorials and, of course, my lovely friends, that have made my time here so transformative.

As Deputy Head Girl I’m looking forward to sharing the inspiration and kindness that has been shown to me, as well as supporting the fantastic opportunities that exist for girls here, never forgetting that at QM, the sky is the limit.