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How we’re unique

Queen Margaret’s is an independent school for independent girls. We are a school that encourages every girl to pursue her interests confidently; girls at Queen Margaret’s are recognised for their willingness to try everything that life has to offer them.

As a single-sex school, QM is ideally positioned to educate, inspire and nurture the girls of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. In our school, every girl has a voice. Curricula are tailored and timetables are personalised for each student and all are given opportunities to develop and excel. Our girls can captain the Debating team, choose to study Physics or be part of a Rugby team.

Our girls enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity. All activities are open to them; they participate, influence and lead. There are no gender stereotypes here – indeed our latest results showed that Mathematics and Science are amongst our strongest subjects.

QM girls can work through the challenges of adolescence without fear of embarrassment or distraction. We work hard at counteracting negative body imagery and ideals of how girls and women are portrayed in the media. Educators in girls’ schools believe strongly in helping girls to accept and be comfortable with ‘who they are’.

“In an all girls environment I’ve been able to try so many new things; and the staff are always there to help and encourage you. In a mixed school I wouldn’t have had the confidence.”

So said one of our Sixth Formers. QM encourages a freedom from the sort of tiresome stereotyping still so prevalent in the real world which limits both boys’ and girls’ aspirations. The girls never hear anyone suggesting that there are areas of life that aren’t for women. We prepare girls for the real world so that by the time they reach it they are fearless young women capable of anything and unaware that there are things that as girls they ‘shouldn’t’ do.

Our girls benefit immensely from our horizontal boarding system. At QM, boarding is arranged by year group, which helps the girls to bond. Housestaff can better focus on and cater for the specific needs of an age group, after all the highs and lows of the girls in Year I in Red House are very different to those of the girls in their final year at QM in The Cottages.

Each Boarding House has its own special identity, and the accommodation and facilities are age appropriate. Year I settle into School life in a homely ‘farmhouse’ environment, whereas Upper Sixth Formers have a real taste of independent living. This means the different expectations and rules for each age group can be effectively managed.

On entering QM each girl also becomes a member of one of our vertical Houses and she remains in this House throughout her time at the School – this provides the opportunity to mix and socialise with other year groups encouraging a spirit of teamwork and friendly competition.  There are regular inter-House competitions in Music, Cookery, Sport, Singing and Dancing. For a school of its size, Queen Margaret’s provides an immense variety of activities, clubs and societies and other Enrichment opportunities while never sacrificing the needs of the individual girl. As one parent recently noted, QM ‘benefits from being led and run as if it were a large school but has all benefits and familiarities you would expect of a small school.’

Girls join QM predominantly from across the UK, but also from many other corners of the world – currently 16 different countries. The School offers international students the traditional British boarding experience and our horizontal boarding system enables all girls to really get to know each other and thus build lifelong friendships. The careful balance of different cultures and nationalities of the girls at QM is one which both our British and our international families are extremely proud of.

We cherish and nurture the relationships we have with our girls and parents and always look to ensure that communication is smooth and key information is readily available, in doing so we have created the QM Family Handbook.

Come and see for yourself. Visit our Joining page to see forthcoming Open Days or consider booking an individual visit to experience the opportunities awaiting your daughter at Queen Margaret’s.