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Appointments for 2016

As one of the top girls’ boarding schools in Yorkshire, Queen Margaret’s encourages girls to take on responsibility in preparation for the future. In the Summer Term of LVI, girls are able to apply for Head Girl and Prefect roles that enable them to develop leadership skills and support the running of the School.

Senior Prefects

Head Girl
(Chair of School Council)
Julia Tyndall

Deputy Head Girl
(Chair of Mentoring) 
Scarlett Budden

Deputy Head Girl
(Chair of Charity Committee)
Rosanna Preston

Deputy Head Girl
(Chair of International Council) 
Phoebe Ridyard

(Chair of Chapel Committee) 
Tryphaena Smith

Scholars’ Prefect
(Chair of The King Society)
Isabella Sharp

Department Prefects

Bella Middleton

Ellie Yuen

Nadia Fewlass Jones

Hailey Jones

Flora Bird

Specific Prefect Appointments

Katie Liu

Pippa Williams

Sylvia Hoyer Millar

House Captains

School House
Emilia White
Bea Guthrie (Deputy)

QM Hall House
Delilah de Wesselow
Rosa Onslow (Deputy)

Garry House
Scarlett Scott
Flossie Huddleston (Deputy)

St Aidan’s House
Louise Litten
Frankie Groves (Deputy)

Pitlochry House
Daisy Douglas Miller
Eliza Bradbeer (Deputy)

Duncan House
Sofia Findlay
Lilli Henderson (Deputy)


Head Monitor
Fabienne Parkin

Deputy Monitor (Charity)
Harriet Brown

Deputy Monitors (International)
Kathy Lai and Maria Pilar Mateo

Deputy Monitor (Mentoring)
Rose Atkinson

Scholars Monitor
Flavia Riley-Smith

Sacristian Monitor
Bunnie Everett

School Monitor 
Anna Barker

QM Hall Monitor
Sophie Wass

Garry Monitor 
Ella Peel

St Aidan’s Monitor
Lauren Baker

Pitlochry Monitor
Harriet Forster

Duncan Monitor 
Tallulah Fawcett