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Appointments for 2018/19

As one of the top girls’ boarding schools in Yorkshire, Queen Margaret’s encourages girls to take on responsibility in preparation for the future. In the Summer Term of LVI, girls are able to apply for Head Girl and Prefect roles that enable them to develop leadership skills and support the running of the School.

Senior Prefects

Head Girl
Amy Coates

Deputy Head Girls
Romilly Taylor-Littler
Emily Wallace
Katrina Qian

Lara Peel

Scholars’ Prefect
Daisy Pennycook

Department Prefects

Qian Qian Yu

Alice Ridyard

Chloe Nevill

Izzie Mills

Etienne Whitworth

Specific Prefect Appointments

Izzy Ward


Amanda Deveaux

Marketing & Events
Olivia Turnbull

House Captains

School House
Izzy Spellman
Millie Spearman (Deputy)

QM Hall House
Alicia Huddleston
Vanessa Chan (Deputy)

Garry House
Lily Burrows
Hannah Chow (Deputy)

St Aidan’s House
Maddie Groves
Mimi Browne (Deputy)

Pitlochry House
Olivia Player
Georgia Hartley (Deputy)

Duncan House
Inga Drabble
Emily Unsworth (Deputy)


Head Monitor
Millie Kinglake

Deputy Head Monitors
Christina Moreno-Torres (International)
Zoe North (Charity)

Sport Monitor
Caragh Twomey

Music Monitor
Allegra Riley-Smith

Eco Warrier
Ellie Usher

Duncan Monitor
Olympia Storey

St Aidan’s Monitor
Izzy Spenceley

Pitlochry Monitor
Daphne Forbes

QM Hall Monitor
Connie Farr

School Monitor
Nancy Collin

Garry Monitor
Sofia di Clemente