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Appointments for 2017

As one of the top girls’ boarding schools in Yorkshire, Queen Margaret’s encourages girls to take on responsibility in preparation for the future. In the Summer Term of LVI, girls are able to apply for Head Girl and Prefect roles that enable them to develop leadership skills and support the running of the School.

Senior Prefects

Head Girl
Grace Barnes

Deputy Head Girls
Holly Baker
Georgina Deri
Jemima Harpin

Emmeline Shaw

Scholars’ Prefect
Ellen Hobson

Department Prefects

Molly Hamilton

Georgia Elwers

Olivia Adams

Amelia Mohan

Margaret Kalilani-Themuka

Specific Prefect Appointments

Keziah Austin


Christy Ip

Events and Marketing
Anna Peart

House Captains

School House
Claire Moore
Poppy Scott (Deputy)

QM Hall House
Daisy Farr
Tatiana Ramsay (Deputy)

Garry House
Arabella Spencer-Patel
Jessica Borrill (Deputy)

St Aidan’s House
Grace Madden
Ellen Wilson (Deputy)

Pitlochry House
Phoebe Dodson
Jessica Holt (Deputy)

Duncan House
Brontë Mitchell
Clementine Corner (Deputy)


Head Monitor
Jessica Powell

Deputy Head Monitors
Charlotte Davidson (Integration)
Hannah O’Connell (Day)
Helena Mangles (Boarding)

Charity Monitor
Isabel Burrows

Chapel Monitor
Natascha Henderson

Duncan Monitor
Flo Drabble

St Aidan’s Monitor
Sophie Standen

Pitlochry Monitor
Daisy Dixon

QM Hall Monitor
Xanthe De Wesselow

School Monitor
Olivia Hamilton

Garry Monitor
Isabelle Grandage