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Our ethos

As one of the top private schools in Yorkshire, a Queen Margaret’s education is an exciting, challenging and fulfilling experience. Our girls are part of a community of people who care for each other and grow as individuals. They develop a wealth of skills for use in their own lives and shape their values to assist them in making a difference in society.

At the heart of a QM education is a love of learning, which is supported by a healthy body and healthy mind.When a girl has completed her education at QM she will be a free thinking, courageous individual, prepared to take her learning to the next level and her place in the modern world.

Aims of the school

Queen Margaret’s is a modern school for girls who aspire to be leaders in every walk of life. QM girls take advantage of the rich and complementary curriculum and numerous enrichment and extension activities available to them. In doing so, we hope that they will:

  • achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom

  • develop an enthusiasm for independent thought, learning and research

  • grow with emotional maturity, social awareness and respect for individuality and difference

  • forge special friendships that will stay with them for the rest of their lives

  • be interesting, well-informed, happy and confident members of the community