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I had always looked forward to going to boarding school because to me it was going to be a huge adventure and so naturally, when I arrived in first year, I was full of excitement. QM has definitely met and exceeded all of the expectations that I had in every way and I truly believe that it has made me who I am. Our School is such a vibrant and diverse place where life never seems to stand still, and that’s why I love it. There is always so much going on whether it be Fun Song, Sports matches or Theatre performances, and girls are always encouraged to participate and excel in whichever sphere they are passionate about. For me, that’s why QM is so special.

I’m now in the Upper Sixth Form and I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has gone, it seems only yesterday that I was this shy, nervous Year I girl who was afraid of getting involved. Now, thanks to QM, my self-confidence has been boosted due to the fantastic teaching and house staff who have supported, guided me and offered me so many incredible opportunities throughout my time here.

In my position as Deputy Head Girl I can’t wait to be a role model for the younger girls and show my appreciation by being able to give something back to a school which any young girl would be lucky to attend. I’m sure when my time comes to leave, QM will have fully equipped me with all the necessary skills to be successful in life and I will be forever grateful to this amazing place.