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When I joined Queen Margaret’s four years ago having never boarded before, it was a step out of my comfort zone and a slightly scary experience. However, those feelings soon disappeared as the Housemistresses, teachers and my peers were all so welcoming, they made the whole experience a positive one.

QM is for every girl, whether she is sporty, musical or academic. Every girl here benefits from being able to try new things, especially things outside of the normal curriculum. It is an environment which enables you to become your own person and celebrates the individual.

The incredible support from staff is a major advantage and helps to build those relationships that are so important for girls to get the best results they can. Personally, the support I have received with my academic studies has meant that I’ve been able to put myself forward for universities I never thought I could have. I am so grateful for what Queen Margaret’s has given me and having the privilege of being Head Girl means that I can give back by helping to make everyone’s experience of QM as brilliant as mine has been.