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Reflecting on my time at Queen Margaret’s, there are three things that stand out for me.

Firstly, I am conscious of the seismic changes we have witnessed in the wider world, especially in the past year. At QM I have been encouraged and motivated to pursue my interest in politics through our Kings Society debates and the support and encouragement of the teaching staff – who even allowed me to stay up all night at the York Central count in the General Election. There are many opportunities for all girls to be involved with the world outside of QM through weekly Amnesty International meetings, volunteering with the Poppy Appeal and our strong links with the National Council of Women.  I would love to build on this during my time as Deputy Head Girl, especially where it also helps us focus on people less fortunate than ourselves.

Secondly, I have been able to discover a real passion for Drama and Theatre. When I stepped into the Chapman Theatre for the first time at the age of 11, I was genuinely in awe. The performances are always to an incredible standard, and whilst we are encouraged to work hard and excel, there is a huge emphasis on fun and enjoyment which gives an incredible sense of achievement.

Thirdly, and I think most importantly, QM encourages girls to be themselves and believe in themselves. There is no pressure to wear makeup and no stigma attached to enjoying sports such as Rugby or Football. QM really does provide a positive environment, free from the pressures of gender stereotypes.