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The Head’s Annual Fund 2018

With wellbeing as our focus this year, we are delighted to launch the Head’s Annual Fund for 2018.


The Projects

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Queen Margaret’s was founded through philanthropy in 1901 when seven girls came through the doors for the very first time, to live and be educated in just a couple of rooms. Throughout the years, philanthropy has enabled the School to thrive, preparing generations of girls for rich and varied lives, and it continues to make an enormous impact on School life today.

Fundraising has enhanced the opportunities and experience of life at QM for all our girls, bringing many projects to fruition, from the incredible Chapman Theatre and St Margaret’s Chapel to smaller projects like the Sixth Form Cardio Suite, Chapel sound system and replanting the Rose Garden. Alongside this, generous donations to the Bursary Fund have enabled the School to change the lives of many girls who have benefited from a QM education.

This year I am delighted that the Head’s Annual Fund will focus on wellbeing – not only the physical wellbeing of our girls, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives at QM, all of which will feed into their academic aspirations and successes.

Three exciting projects have been chosen which I’m sure you will agree would be of real benefit to the whole QM community.

Thank you for taking time to consider contributing to our Annual Fund and being part of the next step in our School’s journey.


Jessica Miles

Head, Queen Margaret’s

The Projects



The Quiet Garden Movement nurtures access to outdoor space for reflection in a variety of settings, including schools. Restoring one of the original garden features in the grounds, QM’s Quiet Garden will create opportunities for our girls and staff to experience silence and restfulness for prayer and contemplative practices in a safe, comfortable and sheltered place to enhance both their spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Target £10,000





An outdoor fitness trail with age-appropriate equipment to encourage every girl at QM to enjoy being fit and active using the trail to run a mile or more with exercises along the way. Girls will be able to make the most of the School’s beautiful grounds, creating a healthy mindset for life. This will potentially be a phased project with early designs for the first phase below.

Target £12,000


Fitness Trail



A set of radio microphones and a mixing desk for The Chapman Theatre will enable all our girls to gain confidence in presenting in front of an audience, a key skill for any career. Microphones will be used across many different areas of the School including presentations for academic work, speeches, concerts and productions.

Target £13,000




QM’s Bursary Fund helps girls who would benefit from a QM education, but whose families may not be able to afford the full fees. The Fund also helps girls whose family circumstances may change whilst they are at QM. This Fund aims to allow girls to complete their education, where possible, with minimum disruption.


General Donations:
If you are happy to make a donation but have no preference where that money is used then please complete the donation form and tick the box ‘Wherever the School needs it most’ and we will ensure that the money goes towards these or other projects for the benefit of the girls.



If you would like to support the Head’s Annual Fund Appeal 2018 please download the form (link below), choose one of the methods of payment and return to:

Claire Schofield, Director of External Relations, Queen Margaret’s, Escrick Park, York YO19 6EU

Click here to view the Annual Fund Donation Form 2018

 Thank you for taking the time to consider contributing to our Annual Fund and being part of the next step in our School’s journey.