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French Literature Club

The French Literature Club at Queen Margaret’s is aimed at Sixth Form girls who are keen to develop their knowledge of French literature and art. The club, which meets weekly, explores a wide range of literature including 19th Century classics by Guy de Maupassant as well as contemporary authors such as Philippe Delerm  and his ‘Première gorgée de bière’ to various poetry including the work of Arthur Rimbaud and Prévert. In recent eyars we have also looked at the work of famous songwriters such as Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf. Key themes are discussed and girls are encouraged to do independent research on the authors.

In addition to developing girls’ general vocabulary, the club broadens girls’ knowledge, understanding of and sensitivity to the French culture while introducing the historical context of the literature studied. It provides time to broaded knowledge on cultural topics that will be studied at A2 level, such as the theme of War in 19th-20th Century literature, Paul Cezanne and his art, and the work of Françoise Sagan and her life.

The club varies year to year and is adapted to the interests of the girls involved. The club is particularly popular with girls who are interested in pursuing French at degree level but not exclusively.