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Drama Club

Drama as an Enrichment activity at Queen Margaret’s offers all girls several opportunities to become involve in a large-scale ‘public’ performance of either a play or musical during their time at QM. Whether hopping to perform on the stage, be part of the supporting technical team, or do both, our girls enjoy pursuing their dramatic interests in this way. They are able to put into practice the skills they have developed in rehearsals and in any related curricular lessons. Cooperation and commitment are vital, and the girls must understand the level of dedication required to be part of the process. They are suitably rewarded by the quality of the final production as they realise what has been made possible through their desire and determination to succeed.

There are two main productions each year, typically separated into one for the girls in Years 11-13 and one for Years 7-10, which performances staged in the Michaelmas and Easter Terms respectively. These tend to alternate between musicals and plays, providing variety of content and challenges for all girls involved. It also allows different girls to excel in their own areas of interest and expertise.

The most recent production was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which was warmly regarded as a triumph. Both casts delivered energetic, well-paced performances in front of parents and friends of QM. The brilliant staging and exceptional special effects provided the perfect backdrop for the girls’ convincing performances.

Girls with a natural inclination to perform will find they are both stimulated and well-provided for at QM. Those with an evolving interest are nurtured, and all who would like to be part of a production are actively encouraged. Many of these girls will discover what they are truly capable of by being part of such a collective venture. The girls are able to make a positive and highly significant contribution to the School community, as well as doing something constructive for themselves. To learn and develop creative acting and backstage skills is an asset to anyone with a penchant for the theatrical, but it is the life-skills, particularly in the form of communication and collaboration, which are indisputably beneficial to everyone involved in this extraordinary Enrichment activity.