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What it’s like to live in The Cottages (Upper Sixth)

Life in The Cottages is a truly exciting and unique experience as girls begin their final year at QM. While there are still routines and structures in place to help girls get the most out of their time at QM, girls soon discover that life in The Cottages offers a much greater degree of independence by helping develop a more mature approach to study and communal living. Girls have a wide range of activities to keep them busy on weekends. These range from regularly organised pamper afternoons and chilled out evenings in ‘Cellars’ on campus, to frequent trips into York to visit the theatre, cinema or restaurants. The Upper Sixth is filled with many unforgettable events, culminating in the highlight of the School calendar, Speech Day and the QM Summer Ball. Rather than seeing this as a goodbye, we celebrate as the girls are welcomed into the Old Margaretian family.

We asked The Cottages Housemistress about her favourite part of life in the Upper Sixth Form. Here’s what she had to say…

Upper Sixth is an incredibly special and exciting time as the girls prepare for the next stage of their career and all the wonderful possibilities life has to offer. It is filled with hard work and tough decisions but also some exceedingly special moments and friendships that have been forged for life. It is wonderful to watch the girls grow into confident and articulate young women, ready to face new challenges and make their mark on the world. For the House Team, the best part is that we get to share this part of their extraordinary journey.

What should parents know about The Cottages?

Girls quickly come to appreciate the family atmosphere ‘Cottage’ living creates. Horizontal boarding guarantees the girls share similar experiences whilst being encouraging and supportive of each other. The tone is relaxed and more informal and the girls are considered young adults who act as ambassadors for the School and as positive role models for the younger girls. The Cottages offer more freedom and independence, helping to promote and foster personal responsibility and time management. As such, members of the Sixth Form do not wear uniform; instead they adhere to a simple dress code which is smart and business like. They also have the opportunity to visit York on Wednesday afternoons and weekends, once commitments such as work and Sports fixtures are fulfilled.

What makes The Cottages unique from others on campus?

Girls are allocated their own individual study room in which they will remain all year and truly make their own. Each cottage is different in character and varies in size but all have their own kitchen, an area to watch TV and laundry facilities. To encourage independence, girls are now responsible for their own washing and supplies are provided so they can make their own breakfast and snacks or prepare the occasional meal. School routines are still followed but with a more informal approach and while we promote autonomy, you will find there is always a member of the House Team close by to offer support or advice whenever it is needed.