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What it’s like to live in Scarborough House (Years II & III)

Scarborough House is home to all girls in Years II and III. These are the only year groups in School where boarding is integrated, and this is due to the clear pastoral benefits it offers at this crucial stage of our girls’ development. Not only does it mean Year III girls have leadership and mentoring opportunities with the younger students, but most importantly it means that one boarding team leads the girls through both years. We understand that the continuity of pastoral care during these years is critical when the girls are experiencing many other changes.

Scarborough House offers an appropriate transition from Red House into life in the main School which is something the girls very much look forward to. It is situated in Escrick Hall, the heart of the main School, and benefits from newly refurbished common areas. Girls are in dorms with their own year group, but as much integration as possible is encouraged across the two year groups. Through Years II and III girls are under the care of one Housemistress, who is supported by a team of Assistant Housestaff.

We asked our Housemistress about her favourite part of life in Scarborough House. Here’s what she had to say…

I love spending time with the girls and learning about their unique personalities. I enjoy our conversations, sharing giggles with them as well as supporting them through difficult times. It is my goal to make the girls feel as much at home as is possible in Scarborough House. My team and I enjoy supporting the girls in their Sports matches, during evening and weekend activities and during educational trips further afield. We are always on hand to work through both new and familiar challenges that the girls face, and encourage them to solve problems and learn through their experiences while supporting each on her journey.

What should parents know about Scarborough House?

Girls in Scarborough House are cared for by a residential Housemistress and her Assistants who are readily available to the girls. It is very central to the School, making all classrooms and facilities easily accessible. Due to the nature of Escrick Hall in which Scarborough House is based, the dorms vary in shape and size to include rooms with bay windows and many rooms with lovely views over our beautiful grounds. On an evening, if the girls are not outside enjoying sports or relaxing in the Common Rooms, there is a social area called Le Café nearby where girls can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. The programme of weekend events put on for Years II and III is varied and comprehensive, ranging from Sailing and Kayaking, to pamper nights and shopping trips, to theme parks and theatre visits. The girls really enjoy participating in ‘Scarborough Stars’ which is a scheme where they are rewarded for extending a hand of friendship or a random act of kindness. At the end of each term there are eagerly anticipated prizes for the winning individual and dorm.

What makes Scarborough House unique from others on campus?

This is a transitional time for girls, with some having joined QM in Year I and some joining us for their first year. The number of girls in Year III increases from the previous year, meaning everyone has lots of new friends to make. The integration of Years II and III means that any intensities in friendships can be more easily addressed and diluted in a larger group. All new girls are allocated a ‘Guardian Angel’ from their own year group who will meet them on their first day, show them to Scarborough House, and help them unpack and settle into life at Queen Margaret’s. In addition to their Guardian Angel, each girl will be assigned a ‘Scarborough Sister’ whom they are encouraged to spend time with each week, such as enjoying dinner or Sport together. Girls stay in School on all weekends that are not Leave Outs or Half Term, providing excellent opportunities to join in varied activities and build lasting friendships.