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What’s it like being a part of Pitlochry House?

Pitlochry House meets after classes end every Friday evening. The meetings are led by the House Prefects, and each week they begin by congratulating those girls who have gained House Points and Commendations. Other achievements, whether academic, pastoral, or simply social are also marked and celebrated.  After the main business of the House has been completed, we frequently split into groups to join groups from other Houses for inter-House competitions. These can range from Quizzes to playing Blanket Volleyball. The competitions are liberally rewarded with chocolate, and House Points are also added to a running total.  Other events which Pitlochry has held this year have included an Art Show, a Concert, and a spectacularly messy evening of traditional Hallowe’en games. The evenings are planned by the girls, and there are opportunities for all girls to take part.

What sort of activities and events do girls experience as part of Pitlochry?  

The first major event of the year is Fun Song: all the girls in the House devise and practise a lively song-and-dance routine to be performed as part of an inter-House contest at the end of the first half term of the year. Everyone participates enthusiastically, and rivalry between the Houses is fierce. Soft Song in the Lent term is a similar event, although the emphasis here is more focussed on the music and dance is kept to a minimum. The House celebrates its birthday in January, commemorating the time when the School moved to Pitlochry during the Great War, and in Easter 2015 we are intending to return for a short visit. We also have a formal House Dinner, based on a theme chosen by the Prefects: last year the theme was Harry Potter, and we were entertained during dinner by a magician. In addition, there are also various sporting competitions throughout the year, culminating in Sports Day, which is always keenly supported.

Why should girls be part of Pitlochry?

Pitlochry House is bursting to the seams with unique personalities and lots of excitement for the various activities spread across the academic year. No matter your interests or passions, there will be something for you to get involved in and (hopefully) lead your House to a stunning victory.

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    Pitlochry Art Exhibition

    The Pitlochry House students recently held an evening to showcase our many talents. The evening began with a tour of the upper level of the Centenary Building, where a variety of artwork by Pitlochry girls was displayed. We had collected a variety of works in different media and forms, including some fantastic colour masks inspired

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    Soft Song 2017

    Soft Song is the antithesis of Fun Song. Of course, that is not to say that it isn’t fun, rather that the criteria of the competition are about the quality of singing and communication. There is not a year that goes by where the girls do not exceed my expectations (to quote a well-loved School

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    Food glorious food!

      Aspiring young chefs from Years III & IV have been put to the test with this year’s QM MasterChef. With the theme of ‘Foods from Different Cultures’, girls have been roasting, baking, slow cooking and chopping their way to victory, trying to impress QM’s array of judges, who meticulously tried every single dish from

  • Pitlochry Comes Joint Top in Senior Masterchef!

    Unlike the usual Sundays where the Art Block is empty and quiet, this Sunday everything was different. Smoke was coming out from the food technology room – it was time for Senior House Master Chef. Under the guidance and supervision of Miss Rickard, 6 pairs of girls were all aiming for one thing only—to impress

  • Pitlochry Triumph in House Festival Sport!

    Congratulations go to Pitlochry who won the House Festival Tennis on Saturday 11th June and came joint top with QM Hall in the Rounders.

  • Pitlochry Win Fun Song!

    Congratulations to Pitlochry House crowned Fun Song Champions 2011 last night, October 13th, following their fantastic feline display. In a performance that would have made Tony the Tiger’s whiskers twitch with delight and with not a caterwaul to be heard Pitlochry danced and sang in perfect time. The judges loved Pitlochry’s dance to the best selling hit of

  • Pitclochry Come Third in Senior Masterchef

    This Sunday, twelve budding chefs took to the kitchens to participate in the school’s annual Senior House Masterchef. The competition consists of each house planning, preparing, cooking and serving a two course meal for two people. We were given two and a half hours preparation time knowing that marks would be awarded for overall presentation, the appearances