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    Happy Campers on Red House Lawn

    For most people, the lawn in front of Red House is a peaceful, manicured place, somewhere to enjoy the good weather and contemplate life’s offerings.  However, one Saturday evening in June (the 14th to be precise) all manner of local wildlife took shelter, as the girls from Years I and II descended en masse.  With

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    Audiences Transported into The Jungle…Book

      Down in the jungle something stirred, was it… no it was QM’s Lower School production, The Jungle Book, making music, dance  and drama big-time in an original theatrical take on Disney’s 1968 movie. Well over sixty girls from Years 7-10 were involved in this massive undertaking which played with great success to packed and

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    OM Owen Publishes ‘The Quick’

    Congratulations are in order to Lauren Owen (1996-2003) who recently published her first novel, The Quick. Daughter of long-standing and beloved Chaplain Robert Owen, Lauren richly depicts aspects of her life at QM in the novel, basing much of the backdrop on scenes from her time at School. After leaving QM, Lauren attended St. Hilda’s,

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    QM Hall Takes Top Spot at Sports Day

    The gods were with us with on Sports Day this year as the sun shone and the girls performed with vigour and enthusiasm. The new commentating team of Deborah Whitcombe (Head of Drama), along with Head Girls Jodie, Molly and Cari kept everyone entertained and all the competitors at the appropriate events. We began with

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    Salter’s Chemistry Challenges Year II

    On the 22 May, four Year II girls including Hattie, Harriet, Inga and I (Amy!), visited Leeds University to complete two Chemistry challenges against twelve other schools from the North. After a short briefing, we were taken to a massive lab, with walls lined with fume cupboards and workbenches displaying complicated machines (a Chemist’s dream!).

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    A Day in the Life of a Roman Legionary

    On Thursday 8 May, Year II girls were visited by two Roman legionaries, members of the VI Legion Victrix re-enactment group based in York. Lucius Artorius Castus (Praefectus Castrorun of the VI legion Victrix) was the commanding officer for the day (and can regularly be seen on duty at the Roman Bath Museum) and was