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Harold Wilson famously remarked that 'a week is a long time in politics'. For that reason the academic study of Government and Politics is as much dependent on immersion in the news media as it is in the reading of a textbook. Lessons are lively; current events have to inform the content of both teaching and learning. Girls are encouraged to debate and to discuss, to refine their own political thinking, while at the same time developing the non-partisan approach to questions that is the basis of political science.
Sixth Form Debate  | 07/03/2011
Sixth Form Geography and Politics Students Head Heated Debate
Lord Norton visits QM | 14/02/2011
Conservative Peer visits Queen Margaret's School
YouthVoice Conference  | 19/11/2009
On Wednesday 18th November Upper VI History, Politics, Economics and Business Studies students attended the YouthVoice conference hosted by York University. 
AS and A2 level Government and Politics courses are enthusiastically undertaken at QM. We think that it is essential that every girl should have the opportunity to understand the political system under which we all live and we wish to encourage “active citizenship”. We follow the Edexcel specification, for which the web address is:

At AS the girls study “People and Politics”: democracy & political participation, parties, elections and pressure groups; and “Governing the UK”: constitution, parliament, executive and the judiciary. At A2 we choose to study political ideologies such as liberalism, socialism and conservatism as well as anarchism, feminism and ecologism.
Members of the department run an Amnesty International Club. Girls studying Politics at A level attend an annual conference at Westminster. and where possible appropriate study days.