Academic Extension

This programme, which includes short courses delivered by the school's academic staff, lectures and seminars provided by the Medical centre staff and external speakers and projects set up with outside organisations, is overseen by the Head of Academic Extension and is the core of our timetable, non-examined curriculum. It is compulsory for all girls in Years I - LVI. A brief description of each module is available below, year group by year group. The programme is reviewed each year for content and relevance. The philosophy behind running short courses in this way is to keep topics fresh, enable key themes to be revisted from year to year and to present the work within context.

In these lessons the girls are challenged to view the world through the eyes of others. They will engage with current affairs, expand their general knowledge, debate issues of ethical, cultural and environmental importance and present their views on a changing world.
Each lesson poses a question which the girls will seek to answer by researching information, weighing up opposing evidence and making judgements. There may be no single, straightforward right answers to the questions; we hope that the thought process will be lively and help the girls develop the maturity to spot differences and work flexibly towards solutions.
Girls will make use of Information Technology, develop their speaking in public, learn the rudimentary skills of formal debating and take on a variety of roles, from leader to supporter, whilst working in a team.
The complexity of the tasks will increase as the girls move through the school and there will be an expectation that the girls will often need to prepare before coming to a lesson. Their critical thinking and problem solving skills will be tested, stretched and challenged.

Year I - LVI Academic Extension Lessons